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the beauty of perception

the beauty of perception

Art. Science. An understanding heart; an artistic brain. Senses – sensibility – sensuality.
All of them mixed together.
Diffusion spectrum imaging of nerve fibers in the living human brain (a method developed by my colleagues)


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My Hearts in the World – Three

My Hearts in the World - Three

Heart by Ruchit Sakariya

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Three Hearts – Three

Maybe the harmony of two sounds can be explained by simple physical laws. But the harmony of two souls is rather out of laws – it creates its own laws… it’s a feast of creation. Can we find a reasoning mind in music? And how can we tell it? All mediocre composers created using their mind – and all genial composers added something more than mere mathematics and calculation. In Mozart’s works even rocks and trees talk, and listening to such music a human mind can stop talking and perceive it in silence. The top where the polyphonic thoughts of harmony directed to the abyss are crossing and merging into the whole is the Adagio of Bach’s famous Brandenburg Concerto. The thought is developing in the fourth circle in two symmetric cadences. I feel a stubborn struggle there, a struggle for the victory of harmony that makes two melodies sound not controversially but in accordance. Harmony wins polyphony.

Bach and Vienna classics didn’t create theories using just deduction: their works seem to be natural as nature itself, and their harmony is true. Maybe the harmony of all the sixteen overtones played with the pedal is like the sound of ringing Spheres of Pythagoras. The Spheres of Stars, the Sun and the Moon, which correlated to each other as fourths, fifths and eights. The fourths, fifths and eights that were the basis of four-string tuning of Orpheus’ lyre.

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Eve Is The Apple

Eve Is The Apple

They Will Eat Me
(love with no spirit in it – no spirituality – generates CROCODILES)

Photo by Kaloyan Bogdanov (aka Golpista)

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My Hearts in the World – 2

My Hearts in the World - 2

Piedra de Corazon, Chile
photo by Dimedondeynosperdemos-juntos

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