Eve Is The Apple

Eve Is The Apple

They Will Eat Me
(love with no spirit in it – no spirituality – generates CROCODILES)

Photo by Kaloyan Bogdanov (aka Golpista)

About Beatrichey Cenci

I like people of high culture and high morality. I think that the basis of good relations is a rare an incredible mix of freedom and tolerance. When a biography becomes a sort of cultural history. I hope to realize it in my life. I am an emotional person first of all, emotional to passion, with both deep feelings and subtle sentiments. And I like to express my feelings in elaborate intellectual forms. A friend of mine sees in me something of classical antiquity: Medaea or Cleopatra... Thank God, I have not any will to power, but sometimes my life really rises to the sublime acmes of the Greek tragedy. I can suffer from another`s will to power because I have the strongest will to freedom. In my everyday life I deal with science and think that it is one of the forms of freedom in the modern society. It`s much more free than business or industry. I see the sense of my life in the cognition of consciousness's nature (I deal with psychoneurology and neurophysiology), and never dedicate myself to a passive contemplation of imaginary aesthetic forms. My contemplation is action... Passivity is the only thing that remains to people who achieved everything they wanted... to the people with no way forwards. And I believe in facts, or it's better to say that my ideals are concrete, my ideality is concrete. I am a sensual person but my sensuality expresses itself in my constant efforts that I make to myself, in my ups and downs, on my way to the goals of my life. I appreciate the beauty, but not only the natural one, I appreciate the self-made beauty that requires much effort of human mind, soul and body. An example of such beauty is classic music, for instance Bach. I can be seduced by a person's harmony of high moral determinations. The creative power of love can be awaken in the relationship of two persons who are in harmony. And love is always a risk, it is free and demanding and self-willed... I understand richness not only in its material meaning, for me richness is a great philosophical notion that includes the spiritual wealth first of all, and every material richness should be a fruit of the spiritual productivity. Only a person rich of spirit and rich of culture can really be considered rich. The idea of richness is the idea of culture. Even if this spoiled world spoils the idea of richness, too...
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